National Program for Respiratory Research

The National Program for Respiratory Research

The National Program for Respiratory Research shows what is needed to obtain better and more results in prevention and treatment of lung diseases.

Framework conditions for lung research

Collaborative platformsThe initiators read, side by side, all 12 reports and have looked for the missing  links to further improve Dutch lung research. They have spoken with many parties to come to a broadly supported National Program for Respiratory Research (see figure below for all players in the research field). They purposely did not search for holes in research. But they searched for gaps in the framework conditions necessary that stimulate good, results-oriented research. The starting point is that by improving these frameworks, any hole will be filled in  naturally, as soon as all necessary preconditions have been organized. To achieve this, collaboration with all players in the field of research is necessary.

The 6 goals

It is now clear where the organization around respiratory research can be improved. These improvements are summarized in 6 objectives:

  1. Create attention for the current situation and developments in the field of lung research.
  2. Development of a plan for national training and support of young researchers.
  3. Cross-fertilization between different areas of respiratory research and related areas of research.
  4. Encourage and promote innovative research.
  5. Activate existing and new opportunities of national biobanks for respiratory diseases.
  6. Three-year evaluation and updates with new opportunities for lung research in the Netherlands.

6 task forces

To reach these goals, six task forces have been set up.  A member of the board of the NRS participates in each task force. This board member collaborates with professionals from the whole span of the respiratory research field and, where appropriate, beyond.

On the road to tomorrow’s science

Above is the foundation of the National Program for Respiratory Research towards the realization of the 6 goals. It is not a static map but a map that will be constantly updated while we are moving. On the road to tomorrow’s science!

On the road to the science of tomorrow!