National Program for Respiratory Research

The initiators

Lung research in Netherlands is internationally renowned. Lung researchers decided to join forces.

Collaboration in lung research

In 2009, a group of Dutch lung researchers joint forces. At that time, Dutch respiratory research was already highly regarded internationally, but there was an urgent need for better collaboration. The researchers wished for more cohesion and exchange of ideas between all professionals operating in the broad field of respiratory research. With this in mind, it was decided to found the NRS, the Netherlands Respiratory Society. The same NRS decided three years later to develop a scientific program for lung research.


"The National Program for Respiratory Research is a broad vision of the future of an area of research, based on the collective knowledge and imagination of the main players in the field who change can bring on that area."

To Galvin Science, 1998


The initiators of the National Program for Respiratory Research had a widely accepted and broadly based plan in mind. During the process of preparation, the European Respiratory Roadmap was released, constituting an international point of reference. They formulated a three-fold goals and mission for the National Program for Respiratory Research:

  • To contribute to the improvement of the quality of research.
  • To strengthen the (inter)national position and strength of this research.
  • To prevent and optimally treat lung diseases.

On the road to the science of tomorrow!